SKINourishment Australia

We are an Australian based family business who have been in the recreational and sporting industry for over ten years. During this time we have sourced products that reflect our love for the outdoors and adventurous pursuits. We like to minimise the impact on the environment as much as we can. SkiNourishment supply products that are organic, biodegradable and recyclable.

Featured Products

The Sublime Slimline Climbing Brush in Black Fit for your adventures, Sublime Slimline brushes are the perfect climbing companion. With over 9,000 natural boar's hair bristles, a light-weight...
Friendly Foot
Finally a shoe deodorizer spray that is friendly to your feet , skin and the environment, yet still 100% effective in eliminating bacteria and fungus that cause odor! Colloidal Silver, a...
ClimbOn Lip Tube contains peppermint oil to soothe, nourish and refresh dry lips. Organic Shea butter has been added as a natural intense moisturizer. Keep ClimbOn Lip Tube handy and apply to dry...
Rock Technologies
Dry 5 Friction Chalk; 300gm of pure Magnesium Carbonate from different sources, mixed to a proprietary formula in Europe. All the Magnesium Carbonate is of pharmaceutical standard, contains no...
Friendly Foot
Friendly Foot is the highest quality, most effective shoe deodoriser on the market. The powder has a slight acidic value, which balances the PH of your shoes, inhibiting bacterial growth.Together...
Rock Technologies
Exerflex Power Putty 56gm jar. - Available in 3 resistance levels, yellow (easy), green (med) and blue (hard). Great for warming up the fingers before climbing or strengthening finger and arm muscles...
CrossFixe Hands Mini-Tube has been specially designed for people on the go who need the convenience of an all natural, all-in-one, environmentally friendly skincare product in biodegradable...
The Sublime Climbing Brush in Classic Nylon Made from 100% recycled plastic with a unique neck design, over 9,500 bristles, ergonomic handle, secret compartment and a 100% recyclable brush and...

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