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We are a family owned business and have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years.  

We brought climbOn to Australia and our customers and families LOVED it!

Some of our cross training friends started using climbOn to heal their WOD (Work Out of the Day!) Wounds fast, but they needed to be able to put something on at the box... before, during and after their WOD, so we brought in newly created, crossFIXE HANDS.

We got AMAZING reviews! So much so, we quickly ran out of the 200+ tubes we had on hand. That's when we knew we needed to expand our vision and become SKINourishment Australia.

All of our products are created by the amazing Polly Glasse at SKINourishment, Inc. U.S.

Polly uses only the purest ingredients -- you can actually eat these products -- and she uses the art of combining therapeutic-grade essential oils to heal the skin, body and mind.

Now, WOD Warriors all over Australia (like our friends Amanda Allen and Courtney Fitzharris) are using crossFIXE HANDS to protect and recover their hands -- and MUSCLE to keep soreness at bay -- and keep training!

We still enjoy hearing how climbOn is the essential for climbers all over the world, and are proud to provide this amazing product to climbers all over Australia.

Of course, these products are not strictly for hard working athletes! They are for every household -- truly.

Anyone who wants to have PURE products in their home for any kind of skin maintenance and repair, or sore muscles, should give these incredible products a try -- because at SKINourishment Australia, we know that each of these products have been formulated to be food for your skin.