From finger support tape to chalk for bouldering or weights, we have it covered. We have a range of premium sport accessories for your needs.

Friendly Foot
Friendly Foot is the highest quality, most effective shoe deodoriser on the market. The powder has a slight acidic value, which balances the PH of your shoes, inhibiting bacterial growth.Together with four organic essential oils, the powder provides...
Rock Technologies
Exerflex Power Putty 56gm jar. - Available in 3 resistance levels, yellow (easy), green (med) and blue (hard). Great for warming up the fingers before climbing or strengthening finger and arm muscles in front of the TV. Comes complete with resealable...
Rock Technologies
Finger Support Tape 10m length, 1.25 cm and 2.50cm width. - Zinc Oxide tape for protecting the finger joints from injury whilst climbing, rowing or lifting weights. Suggestions for safe taping are included.
Rock Technologies
Dry 5 Friction Chalk; 300gm of pure Magnesium Carbonate from different sources, mixed to a proprietary formula in Europe. All the Magnesium Carbonate is of pharmaceutical standard, contains no impurities and is used in everyday products such as...
Keep your fingernails and toenails trim to nail that next move. The two different clipper sizes are made for every size of nail. The bright green handles will help you spot these in your bag. Two ClippersPrecision-Ground Cutting EdgesConvenient Thumb...